Voice in the City was born 8 years ago with a passion to see justice and restoration in Liverpool and beyond. Through music, drama and much more Voice in the City shines a light on issues and brings change through standing up for those that to be heard.


There are three main projects that we do. Each of these work towards the vision of Voice in the City.

1. You’re the Voice (visit page)

2. Merseyside Unites (visit page)

3. Heaven for a Day (visit page)

Liam Moore

Liam appeared on ITV’s Stars In Their Eyes  as Phil Collins. The following years took him around the world, culminating in fulfilling a lifetime ambition of singing in front of Phil at Earls Court, London and being personally endorsed by him.

In 1998, after a series of setbacks in his life, Liam became a Christian and committed his life to God, finding peace and a hope he had never experienced before. He has travelled to different countries, sharing his story and songs, and ministering God’s word. In 2007, after the tragic death of Rhys Jones, Liam felt challenged and returned home, compelled to make a difference. He is the pioneer of You’re the Voice and A Voice of One Choir, and now project director of Voice in the City.

For more info: www.liam-moore.com