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‘Heaven for a day’ is a musical play for secondary schools, which tackles some of the social issues, highlighted in phases one and two namely gun & knife crime – gang culture – poverty – unemployment & alcohol abuse. The story follows a broken family, whose lives have been torn apart by unemployment and poverty, leading to bad choices. The drama aims to educate/entertain and deliver a thought-provoking message and powerful visual before leaving a sense of hope and uplifting afterglow.

Every youth member of the cast will be chosen from Liverpool schools and drama groups initially starting in Norris Green and Croxteth. Pre-audition workshops scouting for potential performers begin on April 3rd 2014 at Alsop School. Singing workshops will follow in mid-April embracing all schools.

Short-term objective – to stage two daily performances of the play over a four-day period at a City Centre Theatre sometime during autumn 2014 (Venue TBC). All Liverpool secondary schools would be invited and transported to and from the venue in similar vain to the phase two Cathedral concert. The aim is to reach over 5,000 children. Post-show there will be a Q&A session with leading cast, director and producers. One of the performances will see leading figures; dignitaries, politicians, police, profile guests & support groups speak on a host of social issues.

Mid-term objective is to stage the play for schools beyond the Liverpool boundaries taking in boroughs outside Merseyside including Wirral, Knowsley & Sefton.

Long-term objectives – to create an educational/resource pack; highlighting characters, themes and issues from the drama together with a CD of the music score and copy of the script, which individual schools and drama groups could use for their own performance.

The project presently has the financial support of ‘Your housing’ (5K) with regards to support and ‘Awards for all’, along with the vocal support of local Councillors – RSL’s – and We are Awaiting to meet The Police Commissioner – Fire Service – Disarm Committee – all of whom embrace the concept of a school musical drama which is unprecedented and seminal.

The play could be adapted for other cities around Britain with Liverpool once again leading the way.