“I am greatly encouraged when I see the young people of A Voice of One Choir taking a stand against gangs, gun and knife crime – standing up for what is right. I hope that other young people in our city will follow their example and help us create a safer world for children.”

Gee Walker, Anthony Walker Foundation

I am delighted to send my best wishes for the official launch of You’re the Voice – and my congratulations to everyone involved.  When it comes to the task of taking a stand against violence on our streets, and helping to repair our broken society, we all have a vital role to play.  Governments, families, communities, schools and voluntary groups – and each of us as individuals – have a shared responsibility.  We can all do our bit. That is why the You’re the Voice project is so important.

Rt. Hon. David Cameron, Prime Minister

“It is remarkable that over 10,000 children have been involved in this project to unite the boroughs of Merseyside against social injustice and to champion all that is great about the communities we live in. I offer my sincere congratulations to everyone involved with ‘Merseyside Unites’ for the important role they have played in celebrating our wonderful culture and heritage and I look forward to listening to the inspirational songs when they are released on CD.”

Joe Anderson, Mayor Of Liverpool

“Harnessing the power of music, art, poetry, drama and movement to promote social justice and encourage young people to have a voice against guns, gangs, knife crime and hate crime is innovative and thought provoking. Merseyside Police are committed to tackling such criminality and recognise the benefits of engaging young people in activities that leave a lasting positive impression. We are pleased to support  the work of  ‘Voice in the City Merseyside Unites’.”

Sir Jon Murphy, Police Chief Constable

“I am delighted to support Voice in the City and the work that the project is doing with schools and communities in Liverpool.  It is an important initiative and has made a very positive impact and difference to the lives of young people, particularly in the north of the city.

Music has the unique ability to unite people and bring them together behind common values. Voice in the City is a remarkable example of this in action.”

Max Steinberg, Chief Executive, Liverpool Vision

“I am delighted to send a message of support today to Liverpool’s “A Voice Of One Choir” as part of the You’re The Voice CD launch. This is a fantastic campaign, raising awareness of the dangers of knife, and gun crime, which I am proud to support. Together we need to change the way young people think about guns and knives. It is important to have families, communities and organisations like Liverpool’s “A Voice Of One” working together to get this message across and help stamp out gun, knife and gang crime. My sincere best wishes for a successful launch and for the future.”

Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister

“With projects like these you are standing up and saying enough is enough, you are uniting people and educating and creating awareness. I give this project my whole hearted support to support the remarkable efforts of these amazing kids from Liverpool”

Brooke Kinsella, Actress

“Everyone can be affected by crime in one way or another and the youth of today need to realise that carrying a gun or a knife is most definitely not the answer to it. The Voice Project is a great way of getting this message across through music and I admire everyone involved for making some sort of stand.”

Phil Neville, Footballer

“I am sorry that I cannot be with you for the London launch of ‘You’ re The Voice’. As Home Secretary I see the damage done to some communities by gun and knife crime but I also see the powerful impact made when people unite with local agencies to tackle lawlessness together.

You’re the Voice’ is truly inspiring. I understand that more than 6000 children have been involved so far in this fantastic project. I congratulate Liam Moore and the schools and children in Croxteth and Norris Green for harnessing the power of music to make a stand against guns, gangs and knives.”

Alan Johnson, Former Home Secretary

“We are grateful to the children of “You’re The Voice” project for using their voices to stand up against gun and knife crime. Children and parents can make a difference and we wish them the best of luck with this single.”

Melanie & Stephen Jones